Harald Seiz Christmas Message

Listen as the CEO of Karatbars International shares his Christmas message:

Hello everybody, I want to say thank you for your trust and for your hard work in this year. We are a team. We are a movement. We want to help the people. I have a dream. I imagine everyone can celebrate Christmas with their family at home. I imagine people will live around the world in peace. I imagine that we are all surrounded with love and that we respect each other and help each other. I imagine that all people can live in this world without hunger or poverty.

How important is what we are doing? Imagine, the money is again secure in gold. People no longer get into the debt trap. People are enjoying their life. People have enough money to live well. All this is possible as we create a base in 2014. What we do is not just make money for ourself. We make money for ourself but we give the people opportunity to be a part of us.

Step by step, we will build a new financial system with gold. Our K-Exchange centers are the basis of this. We lay the groundwork to create a strong system with gold. Imagine, each K-exchange center accepts Karatbars gold. This means in the future you pay for all products with gold. This only works if we stand together. Together we are powerful. Together we can achieve anything. With Karatbars you are in the right place at the right time.

For me, there is only one way. It’s straight. I dont look right. I dont look left. I go straight. And this is one of the secrets for your success. Go straight. Let us work together to make the world of this upcoming year a little bit better. I wish you all over the world Merry Christmas and a healthy happy successful year in 2014.

Sincerely, Harald Seiz.

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