Gold purchasing power: stable and growing.

Here is a good question: “has the purchasing power of gold risen or dropped since 1970“? And it deserves a good answer.

One interesting thing is that in recent times, gold typically has no direct purchasing power because it commonly is not accepted for goods and services. In 2014 and beyond, the Karatbars K-Exchange Network will change all that, but for the time being let’s assume that real money (gold) must be converted to fiat currency to evaluate its purchasing power.

Below we see a chart which tells us a story:

Since 1970, you can buy more and more gas with the exact same amount of gold. We also see that since 1970 we can buy less and less gas with the same amount of dollars.


After reading this article it should be clear that The Superior Retirement Program is based on gold. In Karatbars we always say: “the best time to buy gold is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

An excellent article with much more research data is available at Goldcore.


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